View Pipe Dreams (40 minutes) about the proposed extension of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Describe the film, then briefly describe two ideas for curriculum that could be delivered to high school kids living in areas near existing or proposed pipeline to prepare them for dealing with related issues throughout their lives. Also describe how you think students throughout the United States should be taught about issues of this type. Is it only important to teach such issues in regions directly impacted?

View Chemical Valley (50 minutes, in class, Thursday, Oct 15, a dvd will be delivered), and see this update, "A Century of Controversy, Accident's in the United State's Chemical Valley". Describe the film and article, then briefly describe four ideas for curriculum that could be delivered to kids that live in the kind of "fenceline" communities described -- at any age, k-college.

Also see Shelter in Place (which Rodolofo got us access to).