A page I started for Sustainability By Design, which now really focuses on community greening (in a way relevant to Env and Politics and PDI 1 -- so I want to continue building this)

first video here on ecodesign (as part of LCA) is good 2.5 minutes

Very short article on teaching kids design/systems thinking. Please read this then google around to find other things that discuss how/why to teach kids about systems.

Program description
Analytic structure for STS life cycle analysis


Exploring Chemical Transport through Food: A Proposal for a Comprehensive Approach to Predict Exposures


e-waste and harm to vulnerable populations (env health perspectives)

3 min video on evolution of tomato from Antarctica (good)

commodity chain analysis of palm oil (by Brandeis investigative journalism)

Follow the Papaya (also see article and book Abby uses about tomatoes)

Barndt chapter in Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life: Exploring the ...
By David M. Newman (Barndt, "The Trail of the Tomato"
Barndt, D. (2011) Full circle tomatoes: returning stories to their source. foodforethought.net(http://foodforethought.net/Full%20Circle%20Tomatoes%20reduced.pdf last acessed on 22 June 2011) http://www.followthethings.com/tangledroutes.shtml

    • note air pollution problem from burning wires in electronics scrap dealing in Ghana **

Gabrys, Jennifer. 2011. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics. Ann
Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Yeebo, Yepoka. 2014. “Inside a Massive Electronics Graveyard.” The Atlantic.
December 29. http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/12/inside-amassive-

Bergmann, Luke. “Bound by Chains of Carbon: Ecological–Economic Geographies of Globalization.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103, no. 6 (2013): 1348–70.

Story of Stuff HS curriculum Buy, Use, Toss
-- which looks really good.


Sustainable Minds (proprietary) Life Cycle software for teaching (with free demos)

Harvard School of Public Health Life cycle Analysis Online Course (should be plenty of resources here to pull from)

How an undergraduate life cycle assessment course was run:

Teach Engineering Module on Product Development and the Environment
(with nice simple visual of a product life cycle)

Short (20min), middle school introduction to life cycle analysis

Introduction to Media Literacy Project Look Sharp's Media Literacy Handouts

Teach Engineering Worksheet on life cycle assessment


Life cycle thinking in inquiry-based sustainability education.

Waste Couture: Environmental Impacts of the Clothing Industry
Podcast about how Waste Couture this became a top EHP download, and how fashion has changed since.

Our Food: Packaging and Public Health

On commodity chain analysis (in transportation, with a focus on China).

On Mintz (Sweetness and Power), and commodity chain analysis in anthropology

On commodity chain analysis as a situated approach to development

FILMS (can we put these in a PECE platform so that we don't have to worry about them disappearing?)

Waste = Food (50 min, on cradle to grave, with China examples.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy: Planned Obsolescence

The Men Who Made Us Spend
(58 minutes, episode 1 of BBC series)

Ojbectified (about industrial products and those who design them)

King Corn (90 minute, but I think there is a 30 version for HS use on the DVD; RPI library owns: SB191.M2 K56 2008).

Naomi Klein, No Logo (45 minutes)

Frontline: Generation Like (50 minutes on teens, social media, identity, consumer -- maybe parts of it?)

Frontline, Merchants of Cool (53 minute video; teens and consumption)

Toxic Sludge is Good for You (45 minute film) Study guide for //Toxic Sludge is Good for You//. (on PR industry)

Story of Stuff (many but not all will have seen)
Story of Cosmetics

Story of Electronics
Story of Bottled Water


the Anthropocene (and "technosphere)

consumer culture

dinosaur economy


11 films about cities


Future megacities (10, 10-minute films on sustainability issues in cities)

Good on garbage


Crash Course Ecology (Series of 10 minute videos, which look pretty good). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eTCZ9L834s

Environment and Pollution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW7fxGG9cEM (lots of short videos on air pollution)