Research theme: Cities and Environmental Sustainability

Student researchers (grades 4-11) will select a city (anywhere in the world) and explore its environmental history, current environmental footprint and problems, and possible pathways to greater environmental sustainability in the future. Students will use news articles, academic publications, interviews, and data provided by governments, international organizations, and NGOs in their research – learning to locate, analyze, evaluate and use research resources.

Led by their RPI mentor, each student will move through a structured research process, with weekly assignments and due dates as listed below. Each student will produce a set of research memos, an annotated bibliography, a substantial written report (approximately 10-15 pages), a poster, and an oral presentation.

Much of the research and writing will be done as homework (approximately three hours each week). Homework should be posted as a google doc, linked to in the student’s wiki portfolio page. Mentors will post research resources in their student’s wiki portfolio, and will comment on their google docs. The EcoEd wiki is at EcoEd will send student researchers an invitation to the wiki and to their google docs.

Homework (due previous Tuesday by 8pm; please review mentor’s comments before Thursday research meeting)
Research meeting

Thursday, February 24
Monday, March 29

Research Memo 1:
Scoping Three Cities

Writing Memo 1:
Author Biosketch
Thursday, March 3
Monday, March 7

Research Memo 2:
City History and Environment

4 Annotations

Writing Memo 2
Thursday, March 10
Monday, March 14

Research Memo 3
City Environmental Footprints

4 Annotations

Writing Memo 3
Thursday, March 17
Monday, March 21

Research Memo 4
City Environmental Problems

4 Annotations

Writing Memo 4
Thursday, March 24
Monday, March 28

Research Memo 5
City Sustainability Pathways

4 Annotations

Writing Memo 5
Thursday, March 31
Monday, April 4

Draft poster, paper and presentation
Thursday, April 7
Monday, April 11

Final poster, paper and presentation
Thursday, April 14

Presentation practice
Saturday, April 16 (morning): Poster Session
Sunday, April 17 (afternoon): Research Symposium