EcoEd's Airful! aims to draw students into the knotty problem of air pollution.... Airful! extends from on-going research carried out in The Asthma Files project.

A key challenge is to get them to think about what they can't see....

And to think about why many actors would greenwash or lie about air pollution issues.

One specific design challenge is in building an exhibit that draws people into the Airful! project that could be installed at schools, libraries, museums like the (Rensselaer) Children's Museum of Science and Technology , our Earth Week festival, etc. It needs to be low-cost and portable, and adaptable to varied spaces (some quite limited).

Full set of Airful! material from previous years, including stories by 1st graders.

Ideas for air pollution math!

Conservationists for Kids: Air Pollution

Airful Stories Fall 2015

Airful Stories Spring 2016

Step Up To Solutions

Airful research packets
(for 5th graders, Fall 2015)

Eco-Story Structures

Curricular resouces
Excellent EPA teacher's guide to Acid Rain for grades 6-8

Air Pollution: Whats the Solution -- Looks very good. CIESE, or the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (developed by Stevens Institute of Technology), developed the curriculum module I am evaluating, in partnership with the EPA and NESCAUM (Northeast States of Coordinated Air Use Management).

20 minute videos (available for free?)
Air Pollution, Smog and Acid Rain
Acid Rain

For first graders (unclear if the home experiment works; perhaps link to actual air monitors) -
"CLEAN AIR DETECTIVE: Investigating Air Pollution." PBS. PBS. Web. 12 Sept. 2015.
PBS. PBS. Web. 12 Sept. 2015. <>.

Teach Engineering Hands-on Lesson: I Breathe What? (7th grade)

I Breathe WHAT?? The one from teach engineering specifies the age group as 6-8 but Air Now proposes a similar project for ages 3 - 5


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