Watch (Bill Moyer's) Kids and Chemicals (50 minutes), list five points in the film that sparked your attention, then use the film to complete the long view chart on sustainability education. Paste the chart into your journal entry (last one!) -- filling it in by drawing from all your journal entries.

  1. 1. Asthma is the leading cause of child hospital visits, the leading cause of school absentees
  2. 2. Developmental disorders cause are 5-10% of children
  3. 3. Only 43% of chemicals have been even minimally tested for safety to people
  4. 4. Pesticides in carpets can have concentration 10-100 times more concentrated than outside
  5. 5. There is already evidence that no babies are born without exposure to potentially harmful chemicals
  6. 6. By taking lead out of the gasoline children average 3 IQ points higher than their parents.

Stakeholders in US education
What should US K-12 education accomplish?
Forces shaping US K-12 education
Encourage creativity
Media(TV, Video Games)
Stimulate curiosity
Teach students a base understanding of STEM
Every professional field that requires higher education
Teach Students to read and write
Standardized test makers
Companies that sell products to K-12 students ie Hasbro
Give an appreciation for the arts
Advancement in a field
Religious organizations
The knowledge to live a healthy life
Large companies to a degree
The ability to take a stance on an issue and defend it
Major disasters in history
Awareness of people outside their Monkeysphere
Climate change
The next generation
Promote good citizenship
Family income

Give students a sense of responsibility
Big companies divert taxes into subsidies and away from schools

Give a sense of purpose