Alli and Thomas
Class overview: We will start with another set of videos to open discussion about the goals and means of good education, then spend the rest of class planning for teh EcoEd research program focused on life cycle analysis. At end, will re-group for Wednesday Radix fieldtrip (+ march for international students)

Monica Mazur
Prince Ea, I Just Sued the School System (6 min)
Prince Ea, Dear Future Generations (6 min)

Brief description of how the research program is organized and works, and the set of K-12 students we'll work with this year (each RPI student will have about 2 mentees). Explain how we design memos for each week, roughly laid out here.

Remind that focus this year is on life cycle analysis, showing this video to re-start thinking about this:
first video here on ecodesign (as part of LCA) is good 2.5 minutes

Kenny Varghese
Description of his prior experience with life cycle analysis in Env and Society, oriented by Joe Dumit's follow-one-thing-at-a-time implosion article? Including description of the kinds of research projects done in his class.

Alli and Thomas
Ask students to add to the list of possible products to focus on, and then to generate questions for each of the research program memos. They can troll through these myriad resources for teaching life cycle analysis.

We'll also need to plan our face-to-face sessions on Thursdays. I've set up this schedule of Thursdays. Ask students to think about the kinds of presentations and activities that could move younger students thinking and research along.

Time allowing, watch these, considering if they would work for students in grades 4-12.
Story of Stuff (many but not all will have seen)
Story of Cosmetics
Story of Electronics

Alli and Thomas
Coordinate for Wednesday. Remind that they should come in Thursday with ideas for curriculum innovations.