Memo 1:

Effects of Environmental Change Curriculum Review, Michelle Laura Zeliph

EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids! - Kelley Fischbach

NOAA Seafloor Mapping Curriculum Review - Victoria Vernacchio

Be a Recycling Superhero Review- Diana Ahrens-Franklin

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Alexandra Evans

"Toxic Technology" on New York Times Learning Network - Michael Lachney

Renewable Energy in 21st Century - Krista Glanville

Scientific Profile: Renewable Energy Scientist - Alex Fox

"Where is away?" by (The) NYSDEC - Christopher Hunter

Rocking the Boat - Scott Kellogg

Airnow "Smog 2" Simulation - Jordan Yamada

Land and Community (Geological forces->Soils->Food justice), Pedro de la Torre III

Memo 2:

Human Impacts on the World Ocean Curriculum Review, Michelle Laura Zeliph

A Clean City Review- Diana Ahrens-Franklin

Dept. of Energy Fossil Fuel Curriculum Review - Victoria Vernacchio

Practical Action's "Textiles and Sustainability" - Michael Lachney

Cars from the Future - Jordan Yamada

Icy Roads: Sanding vs. Salting - Alex Fox

How Have Human Impacts Changed Over Time, Pedro de la Torre III

Ocean Arks - Scott Kellogg

What's Your Hypothesis? - Alexandra Evans

Memo 3:

The Needs of Living Things - Alexandra Evans

EIA Energy Kids Curriculum Review - Victoria Vernacchio

An Environmental Collage - Diana Ahrens

Location, Location: Coastal Living - Alex Fox

No Impact Project - Consumption - Michael Lachney

Mercury Bioaccumulation Tag Curriculum Review, Michelle Laura Zeliph

Clearwater - Scott Kellogg

Memo 4:

Soils - Scott Kellogg

Your School Using a Geographic Perspective - Alexandra Evans

No Impact Project - Food - Diana Ahrens

WUP Center Sustainability Curriculum Review - Victoria Vernacchio

E-Waste: The Digital Dark Side Curriculum Review, Michelle Laura Zeliph

Memo 5:

What's the Weather? - Alexandra Evans

AACOG Air Quality Curriculum Review - Victoria Vernacchio

Albany High Visit - Scott Kellogg

Introducing Kids to the Idea of Environmental Racism Curriculum Review, Michelle Laura Zeliph