concepts for thinking through gender, race, class, et. al.
    • framing (Lakoff piece is really good)

the Anthropocene


climate justice

cost benefit analysis

economic man

Pareto optimality (also called Pareto efficiency)

precautionary principle

strong sustainability

weak sustainability

code switching

discount rate

ecological footprint

environmental diplomacy

environmental justice

ideological frameworks


resource curse

regenerative design


tragedy of the commons

triple bottom line

Ferdinand et al., 2012
I. Ferdinand, G. O’Brien, P. O’Keefe, J. Jayawickrama
The double bind of poverty and community disaster risk reduction: a case study from the Caribbean**
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 2 (2012), pp. 84–94

cradle-to-grave -- (also see film on obsolescence sent to Lee)

common-pool resources ("the commons)

polycentric governance

social entrepreneurship

I've just finished a book by Elinor Ostrom "Understanding Institutional Diversity". She is the Nobel Economist of 2009 and her life work (along with her husband Vincent and the Institutional Analysis and Development school) has been about the research and theory of governance of 'the commons' (common-pool resources).

Her work is fundamental in providing language and theory of 'polycentric' forms of governance